A week of fantastic photographic opportunities

By Luke Street

The Timbavati has been incredibly interesting this week. We have received two small downpours of rain which is a most unusual phenomenon for this time of year. While rain during the winter months is not completely unheard of, these recent rains were reminiscent of the summer months with almost 20mm having fallen. This created created some fantastic photographic opportunities! I really enjoyed capturing wildlife images in slightly more sombre conditions.

For me, the sighting of the week was an entire troop of baboons slowly moving through the bush. What made this even more exciting was the small army of youngsters that were playing in a nearby Marula tree. It was incredibly entertaining to watch these primates behaving in a fashion we so often associate with ourselves -  playing, leaping and shoving, showing affection and competing with one another. The guests and I sat observing this wonderful sighting for well over half an hour, enjoying their interactions.

It is great to have Masinyo, a big male leopard, back in the area as well, we have not managed to see him for a couple of months, which is testament to the size of his territory. This gorgeous tom cat is named after his slightly skew tooth which gives him heaps of character!

There was also a great sighting of a pride of eight lions to the north of Tanda Tula Safari Camp. This was only the second time I have seen this pride which made it extra special. I hope they start to hang around this part of the Greater Kruger Park more. We were incredibly lucky to find these lions having a stand off with a large buffalo herd. I choose to film this, rather badly I must admit, rather than capture images, so keep an eye out for the clip.

I took some time this week to photograph some of the less frequently captured animals such as impala, kudu and wildebeest. So often we get caught up with the big five that we forget to appreciate all the other beauty around us. I even got down and dirty to photograph some dew laden grass. The winter lighting is so gorgeous and golden hour lasts far longer than in the summer months.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula