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We had a brilliant start to the week by finding the pack of wild dogs who have recently been hanging out in our concession. It was a bit of a tricky sighting to get into, with a fair bit of 4x4 driving required, but once we had got into the riverbed we were greeted by loads of these gorgeous canines. This amazing pack has possibly set the record for litter size this year within the Greater Kruger National Park. With fifteen adults and thirteen puppies, it’s pretty tricky to keep up with all the activity! However, amongst the chaos I managed to capture a rather regal portrait of one of the adults as he cautiously kept an eye on a nearby hyena.

The two Zebenine cubs are really persevering and accompanying the adult females everywhere they go. It is also extremely encouraging to see that the cubs have started to eat meat and I am sure that this will spur their growth dramatically over the next few months. The duo is indeed a brother and sister team and they are already incredibly confident around the safari vehicles, often walking right up close to investigate.

The Mbiri males continue to be elusive as they have been courting the Vlak (previously known as Myanbula) females, but we have had a few great sightings of them especially at the recent buffalo kill in extremely close proximity to Tanda Tula Safari Camp. You can read about this incredible story in the last blog HERE.

Elephants have been moving through the Timbavati in huge numbers the last week whichis really interesting as the previous week was fairly quiet on the pachyderm front. We have had some wonderful sightings of these large beasts around the various waterholes as they require a lot of water with the rising temperatures. I could dedicate an entire week of images to them at this point!

I was very happy to come across one of my favourite birds, the Giant Eagle Owl, who sat still for once and let us really examine him as he scouted the surroundings.

The leopard sightings have been fantastic of late,especially from Marula and Ntombi. Both of these queens have killed twice in the last seven days! This is particularly great news for Ntombi who is currently nursing a new cub. We did have the fortune of finding this new addition a few days ago, however, the small cat was fast asleep right at the top of a tree and did not offer any photographic opportunities. Jack, our master tracker,also successfully tracked down one of Thumbelas older cubs during the course of the week. Thisjuvenile was a little apprehensive of our vehicle at first,but after giving the cub the space it wanted, it completely relaxed and allowed us to enjoy a beautiful sighting.

Until next time, happy snapping!


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