From wild dog puppies to a brand-new rhino calf, this week has been incredibly productive! Tanda Tula Safari Camp guests have been treated to so many new born animals and a number of other incredible sightings.

At the start of the week we found that one of the rhino cows whose territory is around camp has had a brand new baby! We estimated the rhino to be just three or four days old and it’s a boy! It was amazingly relaxed around the vehicles which allowed us to have a really special viewing of him. My guests and I just sat in complete awe and silence as we watched him playing around and exploring his new world while mom fed peacefully nearby.

Another exciting sighting was when we tracked down a pack of wild dogs and found them at a nearby waterhole. As we approached the animals we were greeted by happy chaos as puppies ran in circles around us. There are not many animals that can match the intensity at which this species can entertain themselves, even the adults! To me it seems that wild dogs never really grow up. They may get bigger but they never really lose their love of play.

The Zebenine pride continues to dominant the area with the lionesses doing a really good job of supporting the small cubs. The brother and sister pair have become far more relaxed when viewing them which allows us to fully observe and appreciate the dynamics of lion prides and the behaviour between youngsters and the adults. Sadly, however, the Mbiri male has still not been seen.

The leopard sightings have been a bit quieter this past week, but we did find Masinyo, one of the big males in the area one morning on a fresh impala kill and that gave us two days of great sightings. He was perched in the safety of a large tree while keeping an eye on the growinghyena numbers below him, all desperate for a morsel of food that may accidentally be dropped. Tracks and brief glimpses of Marula prove that she has also been been moving around frequently as she seeks a good spot for giving birth, which can only be days away now. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful with the last two litters, but we have high hopes this time round.

There were many more highlights during the week including a couple of duelling zebra stallions and some incredibly muddy elephants.

Until next time, happy snapping





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