A week of amazing game viewing in pictures

By Luke Street

The game viewing at Tanda Tula Safari Camp has been really exciting over the past couple of days and our guests have been spoilt with some unusual and interesting sightings!

The week started off with myself and Jack, my tracker, locating the gorgeous leopard, Ntombi, stalking a heard of impala. Sadly, the antelope got wind of her, as they so often do, and after a lot of explosive snorting from the impala the hunt was over. It seems no matter the outcome of an interaction like this, watching a leopard on the hunt is always thrilling. The loss of a meal did not seem to affect this spotted cat too much as almost immediately she lay down and commenced her morning grooming session.

One evening we also came across the dominant Mbiri male lions with the two lionesses who they have been seen with quite frequently in recent weeks. They were all feeding together on a large kudu kill. It’s always interesting to see lions on a carcass but this sighting was made even more thrilling because it was night time and allowed me the opportunity to do a little photography by spotlight. It seems these four lions continue to cement their relationship and we are sure that one of the females has recently given birth to some cubs! We are all waiting with bated breath to catch a glimpse of one of these youngsters!

Another fabulous sighting was finding Marula, a well know leopard in the Timbavati, who had just killed a Spurfowl. This is not a huge meal for a cat of this size, but it does require a decent level of skill to successfully hunt one of these birds. Sadly, we could not get a great angle to view her while she enjoyed the meal, but once she was finished I found it quite comical that a number of Spurfowl feathers were stuck to her forehead.

The week also offered many superb elephant sightings as well as a lot of buffalo breeding herds being around. May is said to be the best time of year in the South African bush veld, and I must say with beautiful hot days and cooler nights and mornings, the amazing game viewing this month is definitely living up to its safari reputation.

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