A week back with Luke

I am back from leave, and what a wonderful week in the bush it has been! The Timbavati could not have been kinder to our Tanda Tula guests (and me!). We have had some awesome sightings the past few days, so much so that it’s actually a little hard to decide where to begin. So, let me jump right in!

The Zebenine pride along with the Mbiri males treated us to a fantastic viewing as they managed to bring down not one, but two full-grown kudu bulls not more than fifty meters away from each other. This is a pretty incredible achievement for the young pride as pulling down one of these large antelopes is a pretty hard ask, let alone two. This led to three days worth of fabulous game viewing. It was fantastic to see the cubs so fat and lazy that they could hardly move. This pride of lions keeps going from strength to strength and the little ones seem to get bigger by the minute!

Formen Mathebula, Tanda Tula’s Camp Manager, has been guiding over the last few days and it was really amazing having him out in the field again. On his first drive, he found not one, but two leopards. The leopardess Thombela and her daughter were seen towards the east and seeing two leopards at the same time is always extra special. These two cats were lazing about on the banks of the Machaton river when they were found, but soon their relaxation was disturbed by a couple of nosey hyenas. Thombelas young daughter showed the hyenas just what she thought of them as she snarled and growled, but her wiser and more experienced mother quickly climbed into a nearby tree choosing to avoid any possible skirmishes with the imposters.

The leopardess Marula has also been very active in the area over the last few days. She needs to hunt almost constantly in order to sustain herself and her small cubs. No one, other than Chad, has had the pleasure of seeing them yet, read his blog on this experience HERE.

This time of year generally sees a little bit of a decline in elephant numbers as they tend to move south and east towards the Kruger National Park in search of good summer pickings. However, there are always a few herds still around which make up for the lull and Camp Dam manages to attract them from far and wide. It is always a treat having the world’s largest land-based mammals visit Tanda Tula Safari Camp.

We were also treated to a great wild dog sighting during the week, made even more special because they just couldn’t help themselves but pester a group of nearby giraffes! Sadly, the light was very dim when we found them and so photography was near impossible, made worse by the pace at which these canines move.

Summer is here, and with it the bush is just starting to tinge with green and flowers are starting to appear. So, keep an eye out over the coming weeks as Chad and myself capture the dramatic seasonal changes about to take place in the Greater Kruger Park area.

Until next time, happy snapping.


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