A week (and a half) in pictures

Photographs taken by Chad Cocking

This week’s collection of photos (okay, if I am honest, it is a week and a half) has some welcome old faces and a few new ones too. What you will possibly notice first is the presence of some slightly different spots in this blog!

Yes, after a long absence in our part of the Timbavati, we were blessed with the return of some cheetahs to our concession when a mother and her two almost-adult offspring graced us with their presence for a couple of days towards the end of the month. They appear to have made an appearance from the wilderness area of the Kruger National Park, so they were not overly relaxed with the vehicle, but they still provided us with some great viewing whilst around.

The more familiar spotted coats also showed themselves from time-to-time. Although the unseasonably thick vegetation made it more of a challenge to locate our resident leopards, we did get to see the Marula female (who appears to have some new cubs hidden in our concession), the Nthombi female, the Ntsogwaan male, and a new face for the blog, the Thumbela female’s new 11-month old daughter who looks like she could well be a star. Despite limited exposure to the vehicles, she is already quite at ease around them.

Continuing with new faces, we had another visit from a pride of nine lions from the north. They were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time when a pack of wild dogs chased an impala straight into them!

Later,  we caught up with 15 wild dogs with another impala kill - but this time the hyenas had stolen it! The Mbiri male lions were  seen frequently in the closing days of the month and their territorial roars could be heard close to Tanda Tula Safari Camp on a nightly basis. Speculation remains as to whether or not the Mbiri lioness has had cubs yet, but even if early rumours are incorrect, it can’t be long before she gives birth as she has been looking heavily pregnant for some time now.

The elephants remained another stand-out feature on almost all the safaris and, on occasion, they gathered in parades numbering over 200 individuals which made for some remarkable viewing. For the rest of it, we shall let the pictures do the talking, so please enjoy another wonderful collection of the stars of Tanda Tula.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula