A vibrant week of photos

This past week was a week of late rains, and we were blessed with several downpours that left the central Timbavati looking like it was in the middle of summer. I was out on drive for the whole week, and although the rain made safari a little trickier with flowing rivers as well as availability of both food and water for the animals across our concession, the game viewing remained excellent!

A standout feature was the number of elephants making use of the central region around Tanda Tula Safari Camp, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that some days there were 300-400 of these incredible animals making use of the abundant nutritious vegetation. There has also been a consistent presence of a large herd of Cape buffalo, a welcome change for us. Towards the end of the week, this huge herd eventually drew the attention of a couple of lionesses that managed to catch themselves a young buffalo midday.

Speaking of kills, I was fortunate enough be around for two kills this past week! Both were almost identical scenarios that found us following lions shortly after sunset, and upon seeing the lions getting into formation, we turned off the Land Rover and went lights out. Although we didn’t actually witness the kills, we were able to relocate the Mbiri male lions on a male impala kill the first time, and then the two Ross lionesses on a young impala kill second time around!

The thick bush did make finding leopards more challenging than we are usually accustomed to, but we did enjoy sightings of the Nthombi female with an impala kill, the sunset female hunting warthogs, and the Marula female in the west.

With the bush looking an incredible shade of green, and with natural water everywhere, the general game viewing has been fantastic - especially out in the eastern sections where one could see 40-50 zebras, 15 giraffes, 25 wildebeest and 100-plus impalas all gathered together! One particular sighting I enjoyed this week involved following some rhinos, and whilst following them, they walked past elephant, giraffe, zebra, impala, hyena and African wild dogs! The latter showed themselves a couple of times during the course of the week, which is always a welcome treat!

With the above in mind, this week’s 'Week in Pictures' shows off some of the diversity of game that seems to be flourishing in the emerald green landscape of Tanda Tula at the moment, so please enjoy!

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula