A Timbavati Tusker

We have been incredibly fortunate here at Tanda Tula Safari Camp to be frequently visited by a big bull elephant with a magnificent set of tusks drinking. He stops by from time to time to drink from our camp dam. We have a lot of elephants in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, but his size makes him a true beauty.

Our guests have been able to view this impressive male from our pool deck or while cooling off in the pool.

These big tuskers are seldom found in Southern Africa other than in the Northern section of the Kruger National Park, so it is a particularly honour to find such a wonderful specimen in the Timbavati and especially at the Tanda Tula waterhole. He has a quiet temperament and seems very relaxed when in close proximity to the lodge.

We hope this beauty is in the area to stay so we can continue to monitor his behaviour and movements.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula