A sighting of the rare pangolin

Recent guests of Tanda Tula Safari Camp were truly spoilt over the weekend with a variety of magnificent sightings, from lions on a buffalo kill to elephants drinking at camp dam. However the show stopper was not one of the big, impressive or intimidating creatures but rather a small and secretive Pangolin!

These scaly little creatures are very rare and most guides can go for years without seeing one. Our guests, John and Alison Woolcock, were kind enough to share their photos of this rare and endangered species and the beaming face of Civilized, their guide, is a good indicator of the sheer joy and excitement felt by all. Pangolin are usually active only at night even though their eyesight is not good, so they rely heavily on scent and hearing to navigate their way through the bush. During the day they hide out in abandoned termite mounds or seek shelter in hollowed out tree stumps. If they do come across any predators they curl themselves up into a tight little ball with their hardy scales providing a protective shield. The scales themselves are actually made up of keratin, fused hair, and are extremely hardy with a sharp edge to them.

This was such a special and unique sighting that it will definitely remain a highlight for some time to come!

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