A farewell to a good friend

After 22 years as part of the Tanda Tula family, Joe Chauke has decided it is finally time to retire where he will spend his twilight years at home with his family, tending to his garden and to watch his chickens.

He has long been part of the kitchen team and most guests will recognise his smiling face from our bush breakfasts, where Joe is usually found offering all sorts of delights from the open fire.

Amazingly, Joe had been working at Tanda Tula for 16 years where he has communicated with his peers solely in Tsonga. His English was very poor as he had grown up in Mozambique, so when Don and Nina Scott took over Tanda Tula he could finally speak to Nina in his mother tongue, Portuguese.

These two formed an incredible bond. They would stand in the kitchen for hours discussing Portuguese politics, culture and football, much to the hilarity of the other staff who could not understand a word!

Joe will be sorely missed, and as one of the longest standing members of the Tanda Tula team his absence will be felt by all. Good Luck and go well our friend.

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