A Peak Behind The Scenes

Tanda Tula Field Camp is no ordinary safari experience. This mobile camp gives guests the opportunity to sleep out in the wild, walk through a wilderness area of 4000 ha with no-one else and yet still benefit from all the luxuries that African safaris have come to offer. However this unique safari does not come without a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Mobile camps need a huge amount of preparation and organisation, something Tanda Tula has managed to perfect. We wanted to show you a little sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes.

A huge team comes together to set up the tents and en-suit bathrooms, build a kitchen, assemble the lounge area, the staff tents and back of house. The safaris usually only last 3 days, but it takes the equivalent amount of time to get this mobile camp up and ready for the 8 guests.

Tanda Tula have built their very own trailer which stores the beds, slots in the furniture, has electricity points (all run by the solar panels installed on the roof) for guests to charge camera batteries, has fridge areas and the radio base station. Then there are water tanks, a kitchen area where even plated dinners are prepared, a place for the scullery and then hidden away the 4 tents which house the staff who looks after the guests.

These pictures will give you an idea of what goes on before the safari starts. The feedback we receive from guests who have experienced the field camp is always exceptional, which makes all the hard work well worth it.


Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula