A Mangy Old Lion

Although we would like to believe that all male lions are “Kings Of The Jungle”, the hard reality is that they are not. There are most certainly some lions out in the wild who have seen better days and for what ever reason they are scroungy and very un-royal like.

At Tanda Tula Safari Camp we have recently been coming across a rather mangy, old looking lion fairly often. He is a solitary male who has a number of war wounds and scars. We do not know where he came from, but he has definitely been in a fight or two.

We have noticed that he has a very unusual way of hunting buffalo. He stampedes the herd and then runs into the centre of the bewildered animals and tries to trip up some of the younger buffalo. This is very surprising as generally lions will wait for the old, sick or frail to fall to the back of the herd before making a go of it. We believe this particular lion has faced a couple of conflicts with various buffalo.

Although when we saw him last his stomach was completely extended from his most recent successful buffalo hunt, he did not look particularly healthy. We are all intrigued to see what happens when he meets the other two young male lions who seem to have taken over this area of the Timbavati.

It will undoubtably be a conflict of a entrirely different kind.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula