A Fowl Feast For a Lion

We were treated to an incredibly unusual sighting recently - lions killing and eating an ostrich! The Machaton pride of lions, who are a renowned pride in the Timbavati, came across a majestic male ostrich while he was on nest duty, guarding his precious eggs from any would-be predators. Little did he know he was to become the target of these big five hunters. The lions made quick business of catching and eating the poor unsuspecting bird.

Although this pride are known as highly successful hunters, ostriches are not common in the Timbavati, so it really was a rare event to see the two species come together and this unexpected story unfold. Shortly before the hungry lions finished their feast, the female ostrich returned to her nest and luckily she remained unbothered by the lions. She is now guarding the eggs on her own and hopefully will have a little brew following her soon.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula