A chilly autumn week in pictures

By Chad Cocking

The past week was yet another week of varied weather that saw everything from drizzly days and blanket-weather to stunningly warm days with blue skies from dawn to dusk. But there was one trait that stood out for me, and that was the return of the distinctive autumn-chill in the early mornings lending a wonderful crispness to the morning drives!

The week was another good one at Tanda Tula, with some incredible densities of general game found all around with zebras, impalas, giraffes and wildebeest in abundance! The elephant herds remained camped in the area and this ensured brilliant daily sightings of these magnificent creatures. In addition to these large herbivores, there was also a very large breeding herd of African buffalos that moved into our eastern section for a few days.

Although the cats were being a bit more elusive this past week, we still had good sightings of the Mayambula Pride of five lionesses in the south-east of the Timbavati, and one morning we were awoken with the Mbiri male lions roaring in front of camp! Nyeleti, the female leopard we regularly view, also made a welcome return when she was found with an impala kill safely hoisted up a Marula tree.

But, perhaps the biggest treat, was having a pack of 15-odd highly endangered African wild dogs moving around our concession for the first half of the week before their nomadic wanderings took them further north.

I hope you enjoy my collection of images from this week’s inspiring game drives, they hopefully reflect the beauty of the bush at the moment as well as the incredible variety.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula