A Big Warm Welcome to Antony


We are thrilled with the arrival of our new Operations Manager, Antony Collett. With over 20 years of lodge, guiding and land management experience behind him, we are excited to have him join our Tanda Tula family. Antony will be overseeing the guiding team, running of Tanda Tula Field Camp, helping with operations at Tanda Tula Safari Camp and guiding when necessary. His true love is walking out in the wilderness, showing guests the smaller things and encountering the unknown. He has over 7000 hours on foot, which is no easy feat!

Antony has worked in Zimbabwe, East Africa, Zambia, Natal and also spent many years in the Eastern Cape. He has done extensive work with rhinos both in South Africa and over the border, as well as been involved with many different animal captures. He is a very keen photographer and is one of FAGASA’s birding specialists. Antony also has the incredible experience of having been involved with land development and tented camp developments, giving him huge insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

His wealth of knowledge and experience in so many fields is outstanding. Welcome Antony!


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