A Bed for an Elephant


The original picture of a flattened piece of earth up the side of a termite hill is not the clearest. But it is showing is the exact spot where a young elephant bull lay down to have a nap. Scotch found this very large “track” on an afternoon game drive. He could not wait to jump out of his vehicle. In an incredibly informative and animated fashion, he explained what the elephant had been doing, how he had been lying, and how he managed to haul himself back onto his feet when he was finished resting.

An elephant's habits

Elephants do occasionally sleep lying down and this termite mound on the riverbank created a perfect sleeping spot. The angle allows for easier manoeuvring of the elephant’s huge frame. Even the tusk marks were visible in the soil where this middle-aged bull, according to Scotch’s calculations, had dug into the soil in order to give a better grip when getting onto his feet.


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