A Back Garden

At Tanda Tula we try to instil self-sustainability and low environmental impact with our team. The staff village in camp features an amazing vegetable patch fiercely protected with chicken mesh, rocks and barbed wire - anything to keep the greedy monkeys and baboons at bay!

Huge marrows, which could easily win any farming competition, beautiful corn and even some pineapples are prominently featured. It is incredibly inspiring to see that the staff have taken on this project and we are so proud of what they produce. Each house in the village also has it’s own little patch of garden which is well-tended and makes the area a really pleasant one to spend their off-time in.

Various succulents freshen up the area and the trees offer lovely shade for the staff to sit under and make mats or play a game of cards. It is really special to see such a happy well-tended village and reflects the pride the staff at Tanda Tula take in everything they do.

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