Happy Hunters

The hunt had been easy for the lions, thanks to the hyenas. A wounded buffalo became an easy target and the big male and three females had been feasting all night and through the day. We found the male close to the remains of the carcass, panting heavily as he digested that enormous meal. At first we thought the females had moved on to find water, but as we were driving away an ear flicking in the grass caught the eye of one of our guests and we had a great sighting of the three yawning and sprawling out in the grass.

A young male leopard had also had some luck and was enjoying the leftovers from an impala kill the night before. The carcass was up in a tree and he spent the day alternating between climbing up for a snack and snoozing in the tall grass on the ground.

Shortly after we left the leopard, we came across more lions- this time three sub adult males, sprawled out flat with bellies bulging.

It was a good day for the big cats in the Timbavati! Here are a few images by Jacquie Gauthier.

Tanda Tula Tanda Tula Tanda Tula