19 May: ​Gin & Tonic Time

It has become a well known fact that the drink of choice when on safari is a gin and tonic. There is something magical about sipping on an icy, limey gin and tonic while watching the sun slip behind the horizon. It seems to have become a tradition at evening drinks stop, mid safari, for guests to order these well known mixtures.

This fabulous cocktail was originally introduced in India by the British East India Company, but spread through out the tropical colonies like wildfire. These regions presented the ongoing problem of malaria, and having discovered in the 1700’s that quinine was a cure for malaria it seemed a natural progression to make. Quinine is renown as being very bitter so a mixture was added of water, lime, sugar and gin by the colonialists to make it into a more palatable concoction. And the drink stayed, even though it has since been proven that this method of consuming quinine is a little pointless. The tradition, however, is deeply rooted in Africa and at Tanda Tula we carry on toasting the sunset with a good old fashioned G & T. 

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