Black Rhino Spotted on Drive!


Even if you have lived in the bush your whole life, being exposed to incredible sightings, there are certain animals which continue to excite even the most experienced ranger.

The very rare black rhino

Scotch was out on drive with guests a few days ago when they located a very special animal, a Black Rhino. Scotch managed to find this highly endangered and elusive animal not far from camp, much to the excitement of the guests.

The black rhino is the smaller of our two rhino species, but what they lack in size they make up for in temperament. Weighing in at around 1.5 tons, it still strikes an imposing figure with its short triangular head and neck which is uses to browse various trees and bushes.

Black rhino dung

It has a very distinctive bite pattern, and you can easily pick this up in their dung as twigs and branches are bitten off at a very neat 45 degree angle. They are strictly browsers and tend to enjoy thicker brush, compared to the white rhino who prefers more open grassland.

Scotch only managed to spend a couple of minutes with this special rhino before it trotted off into thick bush. Still, everyone was over the moon with this rare sighting. Unfortunately it was very difficult to sex the animal as the sighting was very brief. They are however territorial let’s hope it is looking at setting up home near camp!

Black rhino spoor

Text by Dale Jackson. Photos by Heather Franklin