Baby Boom


November is always an exciting time for us at Tanda Tula Safari Camp as it is the time of year when we see plenty of little ones popping up throughout the Timbavati.

Impala Lamb

Over recent weeks we have seen numerous impala lambs, as the impala mating season begins in May and the gestation period is usually six and a half to seven months. The small guys are incredibly cute and our guests are always thrilled to see them.

Never too far from Mom

There is a variety of other wildlife born during this period, such as the warthogs pictured below.

It’s also very exciting for our guests to see little ones from the Big Five, and over recent weeks we have noticed that a few new lion cubs and elephant calves have been born, not far from our safari camp.

The elephant calves thoroughly enjoy the water, and can often be seen playing in the mud!

As many of our guests are experiencing an African safari for the first time, it is extremely rewarding for us to be able to show them such young wildlife.

Lion Cub

‘Ooooh’s’ and ‘Aaaah’s can frequently be heard during our game drives at this time of year!

Enjoying the cool water!