More exceptional days of game viewing!

It seems to be raining cats and dogs at Tanda Tula Safari Camp!

Machaton Pride on the giraffe kill

The wonderful game viewing we witnessed last weekend at our safari camp has continued throughout the week, much to the enjoyment of all our guests.

Firstly, the Machaton pride bounced back in a big way when they chased down and successfully killed a full grown female giraffe.

We arrived shortly after they started feeding with the younger cubs in high spirits.

The younger cubs felt that the giraffe wasn’t quite dead yet and began practising their suffocating holds on the giraffe’s neck. It was fascinating to witness these youngsters carrying out this behaviour and honing their skills for later in life.

Lion cub on giraffe kill

Take note of the size difference between the cub and the giraffes head. I believe he may have bitten off more than he could handle. With a carcass of this size, the pride won’t have to hunt for the four or five days!

To add to the excitement, the wild dog pack has remained in the area and has been seen hunting on a couple of occasions by our guests.

This morning they brought down an impala just outside of camp and consumed most of it under half an hour. Not a bad way to start the morning drive!

They are really relaxed and I managed to get a photo of Scotch with the pack right next to his vehicle.

Wild Dogs alongside the Tanda Tula vehicle


Text and photos by Dale Jackson