Tanda Tula Education Foundation

Our Foundation was established in order to benefit our staff and their families.The Foundation has three main branches to it:

The Adult Literacy Program

The Scholarship Program and Healthcare

Education Centre


Since the very beginning we have always maintained that Tanda Tula has more purpose than just being a luxury safari destination - we are so much more than that: we are about our people and therefore their people. Currently we employ 70 staff and each one of those staff members supports on average 10 people. As a result, in any way that we choose to teach, influence, manage or empower our staff will have a direct impact on 700 people and in turn those people will influence hundreds of others - and so our reach spreads.


Our ethos is founded on the deeply embedded principal that “first we have to do well before we can do good”. In order to make meaningful and sustainable differences to our communities, both within Tanda Tula and beyond, we have to be a successful and profitable company. We have been fortunate enough to establish the Tanda Tula Education Foundation which is possibly one of the most rewarding aspects of our business. The Tanda Tula Education Foundation is 100% funded by Tanda Tula (Pty) Ltd.

Adult Literacy

The Adult Literacy program was established by Nina Scott in 2012. At the time, out of 20 students 12 were completely illiterate, today everyone can read and write in English. The program is now headed by Natalie McFarlane who runs all the weekly classes for the staff, which includes everything from basic literacy to higher education, basic computer lessons and life skills. Read more about Natalie.

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship program currently provides full scholarships to six children of staff members to attend Southern Cross Schools (SCS), a private IEB school based in Hoedspruit. SCS is an extraordinary little school that is located in a private game reserve. This unique school is a ‘school for the planet’. Children from kindergarten to the 12th Grade are educated at the highest academic levels coupled with a parallel education in conservation, sustainability, environment and community development.

In addition, we have two University students on full scholarships:

Reloef Khoza studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering at The University of The Witwatersrand - Johannesburg. Read more about Reloef.

Vusi Dlamini is studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce via correspondence through the University of South Africa www.unisa.ac.za. Vusi is working at Tanda Tula, so you might be lucky to meet this vibrant and enthusiastic young man during your stay. Read more about Vusi.

How can you help?

We are not an NGO

It’s important to know that we are not an NGO, the Tanda Tula Education Foundation is a company project that was established as a staff motivation program. Tanda Tula funds the entire Foundation, we do this to show commitment to our staff in return for their incredible loyalty and hard work. However, so many of our guests want to know how they can help, which is wonderful, so we set up two donation options listed below.

Macro-donations & Annual Contributions

The Foundation is also open to larger donations that can be allocated to specific projects. A number of our guests have generously contributed once off macro-donations and others have elected to make annual contributions. These contributions would be allocated to any of the following projects:  

School and University fees

School bus & transport

Private tutoring and extra lessons

School uniforms, books & outings

Adult literacy higher education courses

Adult literacy classroom and equipment

Whilst we are greatly appreciative of any contributions that our guests are willing to make, be assured that Tanda Tula remains 100% committed to continuing the financing of the Foundation.

The entire Tanda Tula Education Foundation is headed by Natalie McFarlane. Should you need more detailed information on the Foundation or how to contribute please speak to any of the camp managers, Formen or Britt or email Natalie on natalie@tandatula.com

Read more about Tanda Tula's responsible tourism efforts on our: Responsible Tourism page.

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