A superb few days of game viewing

Rockfig Junior

Over the last few days, game viewing has been fantastic, and we have been treated to a number of exceptional wildlife sightings. We have been truly spoilt with our leopard viewing, with sometimes two or three different leopards being found on a single game drive.

Yesterday morning, Rockfig Junior was found having a relaxing snooze in the shade in the riverbed just north of camp.

Lioness from the Machaton Pride

The Machaton pride is doing extremely well, but they have been a bit scarce in the last day and a half. The older lioness separated from the pride a couple of days ago during a hunt, and has been seen calling for them ever since, with no response from the pride.

We were also lucky enough to get a really good look at a monster crocodile at Makulu Dam who was lazily soaking up the last rays of sunshine for the day. This old crocodile appeared to be well over three meters in length and even dwarfed some of the hippos who were lazing close by.

Old Crocodile

This morning ended on a marvelous note, as two young white bulls slowly grazed close to our vehicles, completely oblivious to our presence, giving us a priceless photographic opportunity.

We will continue to update you on more exciting sightings. View our sightings map to see more recent game sightings.

Rhino Bull

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