A Picnic Never To Be Forgotten


Diana and Rosemary have been travelling together for thirty years. On each trip, at least one of their meals has been particularly memorable.  Both say the most memorable meal of all happened on their recent visit to Tanda Tula.

Lunch Time Visitors

The two ladies, along with their travelling companions Janet and Susan, were led to the bird hide overlooking our watering hole for a surprise. There they found a beautifully laid table where Chef Ryan had prepared them a special private picnic lunch. They were delighted with the surprise, but what happened next was absolutely thrilling.

As they finished their meal, Diana remarked, “the only thing that could make this more perfect would be if some animals came down to drink.” Moments later, a majestic matriarch elephant emerged from the bush, leading her herd of eight toward the water for a midday bath and drink.

Enjoying a Drink

The ladies quickly abandoned the table, and dashed off to grab their cameras. The nine elephants provided plenty of photo opportunities, especially the three young ones, the smallest still learning how to use his trunk.

Just as the elephant action was winding down, a pair of young male Nyalas decided to practice their head butting skills while a Vervet monkey looked on from his vantage point in a tree.

“It was just incredible” exclaimed Rosemary. “I can’t imagine a meal that will ever top this!”.

Words and photos by Jacquie Gauthier