2012 Already Offers Fantastic Game Viewing

Firstly, a happy new year to all and wishing everyone the very best for 2012.

The rain stayed away on old year’s eve and allowed us to celebrate with a fantastic local dance act which was a real hit with all our guests, some of which even learnt a few local moves!

Watchful Mother

The game continues to impress with massive herds of elephant being seen on almost every game drive. I managed to get a shot of a large cow giving us a weary look as the youngsters passed behind her.

Loving the water!

Camp has also proved popular with herds coming in and drinking from the dam within our camp, providing wonderful game viewing from the pool deck. Our general game viewing has also beeen very good with large herds of giraffe and zebra being sighted regularly.

Watching the weather

I found a lonely wildebeest bull not long ago, on a wonderful open plain staring off into the distance at some approaching rain clouds.

Words and images by Dale Jackson